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Weighted Blanket Benefits | Do They Really Work? (2020 Review)

An empty mind means more space for unexpected events and unhappened moments which ultimately give birth to anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It has become a usual thing during this pandemic COVID-19 where you’re stuck at your home and productivity is at its least. Researchers found out that a person using weighted blanket benefits in alleviating stress, insomnia, and many other bad habits.

What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blanket which causes sore muscles to relax popped up all over social media feeds over the past few years as a therapeutic blanket. It is precisely what its name sounds like – a little bit heavy with 5-30 pounds weight, coziest and filled with plastic material pellets.

Anxiety blankets for adults directly address the insomniacs to get the sleep they need.

Are weighted blankets safe?

Quality of sleep can be measured with the bedroom environment that is more favorable to relaxation. A perfect good night’s environment is the one that is facilitated with a comfortable bed, right temperature, supportive pillows, ability to blackout lights quickly, and soft blankets.

Weighted therapy has been around us for a long time as a therapy blanket. These blankets apply a positive pressure to release a certain amount of hormones that calm down the body and ease insomnia. So, weighted therapeutic blankets are safe for adults as well as children according to the weight. Usually, therapeutic blankets weigh from 4-30 pounds, making them feel like something heavier is on their body, implying pressure downside.

Anxiety blankets are harmless and safe to use for teens or adults. According to Teresa May-Benson – an occupational therapist in Massachusetts, two deaths have been associated with the misappropriation of weighted blankets. A 9 years old baby who had been rolled up poorly in a blanket and couldn’t breathe and another 7-year old baby who got suffocated.   Instead of taking medications, complex surgeries and other kinds of treatment stuff, try to get benefit from heavy therapy blanket.

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Weighted Blanket Care Instructions

Who may benefit from weighted blanket therapy?

Researchers have made intensive research on the weighted blanket’s effectiveness with various perspectives. People who suffer from the below mentioned symptoms can benefit from therapy blankets:


Autism is one of the symptoms that have been shown in children. It’s a symptom of sleep disorders in kids that can be cured with therapeutic blankets. Still, there is room for bringing improvement in the research.


The core reason behind the invention of a compression blanket is to fight against anxiety and depression. Researchers in the past realized the intercourse of depression and anxiety in our daily routine and decided to reduce autonomic arousal. Weighted therapy works well for roughly 33 percent of the 32 participants. One who lay down in anxiety also has the least chances to suffer from it.


People with insomnia are more likely to develop a habit of night awakenings which may put them in an endangered zone. 2014 studies show that a heavy therapy blanket helps both parents and children in reducing sleep issues and onset time.

Long-lasting pain

Long-lasting pain can be treated with massage therapy. In one of the small research, researchers found out that chronic pain treatment should be started with light pressure, gradually increasing it to moderate and then high pressure.

The weighted blanket for pain leaves stress on legs and keeps them at the place, dropping feelings of pain in a chronic situation.

Why are weighted blankets so popular?

We all work hard to get peace in life – a peace that comes from mind, body and soul. Everyone wants to get a soothing, relaxing, and calmful sleep because there’s no alternative to better sleep in this world.

Weighted blankets are filled with pellets, balls, or chains that make the fabric a little bit heavy and hefty. Its material totally changes the meaning of comforter and makes it a COMFORTER in real words for those who seek medical help. The best way to use a weighted blanket is to use it in medical terms.

A miracle medication in the form of the weighted blanket has appeared for everyone struggling hard for nighttime sleep.

How do weighted blankets work?

In the world full of thrones where everyone works hard to get bread and butter, each person deserves a better quality sleep. Who can afford a squeezing machine that gives you comfort like a hug, concentrated gentle pressure, and an overwhelming sense of relaxation?

It can be seen that people are suffering from a deficiency of oxytocin – the real happiness chemical cheering mood. Modern technology has found a solution from the squeezing machine to a comforter whose price also ranges from few to hundreds of dollars.

Heavy blankets made up for sleeping leave a deep pressure that gives a feel like a massage, therapy, swaddling, or a hug. That pressure becomes a cause of various chemical excretions that helps organs to continue their functionality without disturbing the sleep cycle. It’s a budget-friendly comforter benefiting thousands of people with their medical illnesses like anxiety, stress, and depression. 

A point to ponder is that weighted blankets aren’t useful for infants and toddlers. Instead, caregivers and parents should follow the guidelines to alleviate the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

How to select the best weighted blanket?

If you’re struggling with medical procedures and trying hard to get well soon but your doctors and therapists recommend you to use a weighted blanket, don’t worry; you are at the right spot. But before you jump into the well and go for purchasing it, think thousands of times. Various factors should be considered when picking the right piece for you.


The general thumb rule of purchasing a blanket is your weight. Prompt to get a blanket equal to eight or twelve percent of your body weight. For example, people with weight 120-185 should select a 15-pound blanket while those who lie in between the range of 165-250 should buy a 20-pound blanket. These sizes are for cross-reference; the rest of everything depends on your will.

Sleeping position

Although a lot of factors are there that should be accounted for while choosing the ideal weighted blanket. Among all factors, sleeping position is a secondary priority. For instance, if you’re a person who has a habit of sleeping on the back or stomach can manage heavier weight almost 20 lb. If you’re a side sleeper, then you can easily manage the 15 lb blanket.

Another considerable factor is if you’ve been experiencing joints pain, aches, or back pain, then a 15 lb blanket would seem more fitting to your body.

Filling inside blanket

The essence of weighted blankets is measured from fillings inside the blankets. Different companies use different materials depending on their brand, worth, and reputation. Some companies use poly-pellets, while others use plastic pellets.

The plastic itself is a destructive and harmful substance polluting environment. Therefore, choose one that has a non-toxic and much quieter filling.

People who have used plastic filling blankets complain about the noise when they move inside the blanket. Sometimes, pellets don’t distribute evenly and get stuck in a single place.


Choose a quality fabric that gives you a soothing impact and encourages your mind and body to relax at the fullest. For instance, chemical-free certified cotton has been widely used at a commercial level due to a calm and cozy sense of feel.

Ease of maintenance

Last but not least, a critical factor is the ease of maintenance. Some blankets are machine washable and dryer safe while others are not. Ease of maintenance includes cleaning – a fine piece of art and low in budget.

Benefits of using a weighted blanket

The intense pressure that you feel under the blanket gives you a calming effect. It feels like you’re being hugged, and when you’re hugged, you feel more secure. These blankets won’t let you disturb your sleep by moving here and there over the bed. Let’s shed some light over the weighted blanket benefits:

Improve sleep quality

People struggle with their sleep due to anxiety disorder. It seems one of the ridiculous happenings when you get tired but unable to sleep. It is seen that people who have sensory issues can’t sleep well and develop a habit of sleep disorders.

A research study published in the journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders showed that heavy blankets don’t let you move from your place and improve the quality of sleep.

Reduce Cortisol

Cortisol is a stress hormone that leaves negative impacts on the immune system, digestion, and blood sugar level. The therapeutic blankets assist you in grounding your body which deeply boosts up the calming effect. Medical researchers agreed that grounding means reducing the nighttime excretion of cortisol.

Relives travel anxiety

Travelling means no barrier of age, health, and caliber in accomplishing your dreams. If you’re anxious about not having proper sleep in confined space of either of a car or an airplane, then you’re right. It’s difficult for a man to mold his body in such a limited space and spend the whole night in that specific posture. People get tired by the frantic pace and looking at the crowd at the airports. Staying in such a strange environment or a hotel room needs courage and apprehension. Pressure blankets would be a source of relieving all these anxieties. The deep pressure from the quilt would be one of the best benefits of weighted blanket that help your body in producing the serotonin – a soothing hormone or brain chemical that soothes your body and mind. 78% of people get a cure through it!

Assists aged people

Aged people often get unusual or unconventional patterns of sleep, like staying too much than usual and taking more naps than expected. Older people may also undergo depression and anxiety without knowing what’s going on around them.

Therefore, it is suggested that aged people should give a try using our blanket, which will directly elevate the quality of their sleep. They may feel more refreshing or stimulating in the morning than usual.

Release of Oxytocin

The severe pressure that you feel under the blanket is similar to a hug, a warm embrace that provides you with a sense of safety. You may feel secure as you’re lying next to your loved one who will never compromise on your safety. That perception of hug helps your body to release oxytocin hormone, which gives rise to a sense of relaxation and happy feelings.

Oxytocin slows down the heartbeat and diminishes the blood pressure prompting the body to enter the world of relaxation, and improvised sleep.

Boosts up Melatonin

Another benefit of a weighted blanket is the production of melatonin hormone as the result of the pressure that body faces. Melatonin hormone helps a man to regulate his sleep cycle. A tense, anxious, and the depressed person can get good sleep lying on the bed under the blanket. That’s the beauty of the quilt!

Helps students to focus

School is the place where kids spend most of the time of the day. It can be a challenging scenario for a child with sensory processing disorder because the hallways, canteens, and corridors are overwhelmed with noise and vibrant colors that may cause your eyes to mesmerize. These colors, noise, and pressure of the study are the major factors behind the child’s frustration and sadness.

Educational therapists have decided to take a step to introduce weighted vests and lap pads. Hopefully, it will help children to relieve anxiety, stress, and frustration, which ultimately keeps their mind fresh and calm. Getting rid of this helps children focus on what they’ve been taught and improvise their sleep at the end of the day so that they can come to school with fresh mind.

Relieves the Pain

Painkillers don’t affect those who are used to it and take them like candy. Anxiety blankets facilitate you to stop the cycle of painkillers and help you relieve pain. Moreover, it is also proved that weighted blankets now help you to relieve dental pain.

Promotes a cheerful mood

Feeling depressed or irritable without any reason means your brain doesn’t produce mood-lifting chemicals. Serotonin – a mind released hormone that can directly affect your mood. Researchers showed that deep pressure over the body might boost up the levels of serotonin.

Moreover, it may prove an enormous hug that you need in the hour of need, and a simple hug means a lot!

Control panic disorders

Panic attacks are so common and frequent in students, depressed persons and any layman who may feel invulnerable. Focus on yourself, and see if you get panic attacks frequently? If yes, filter out the reasons that put you in a miserable situation where you can’t help yourself to survive against them.

A therapy blanket is made up of such material that can make you feel refresh and less anxious throughout the day.

Helps with the leg syndrome

Those who are diagnosed with restless leg syndrome can describe it well that how many creepy and irresistible vibes you get running up and down your leg at night. This interrupts their sleep and becomes a cause of unreasoned fatigue. 

Fatigue is an issue that puts RLS patient into risk and needs to be addressed via something pressing down against the legs. Some people opt for compression socks which tightens their legs leaving them uncomfortable on the bed for the whole night. So, RLS patients are advised to get a weighted blanket.

Supports the ADHD patients

Patients who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome often reveal symptoms like restlessness, impulsiveness, and lack of focus. All these signs don’t deserve a better solution than weighted blankets due to the possibility of releasing melatonin and serotonin hormones. ADHD patients must consider this therapy as one of the available treatments.

Refashions a hug

A hug from the right person at the right time takes stress and anxiety away filled inside you. When the situation gets cumbersome, and you can’t explain your feelings in words, then let a hug say it all. Weighted blankets make you feel like you’re in the arms of the right person who will never betray you and listen to heartbeat fluctuations without complimenting you.

Alleviates OCD

Obsessive-compulsive disorder patients are advised to use medical weighted blankets due to the deep pressurized touch of poly pellets that increase the serotonin level. Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, aggression can be cured well with serotonin.

Makes you able to fight against stress

Everyone suffers from stress, and stress controls us. Is it a bad day at work, or do you argue with your spouse or boyfriend? Let’s dive in a situation where you can control your stress and never get negative impacts of it on your mental and physical health.

What else do you need when you’re facilitated with Pressure stimulation therapy at your home? Don’t visit therapists and pay the hefty fee without any cause. Pay attention to yourself at home and get pressure therapy from a blanket.

Alleviates anxiety in pets

Does your pet pee on a rug or sofa in stress? Does your dog always get emotional when you leave home even for a walk? Are your pets afraid of fireworks? Do they snuggle more than expected? Well, all these are the symptoms of unreasoned pressure, anxiety, stress, and nervousness. Why don’t you go for the blankets instead of unique shirts or designed wraps for your pets?

Blankets for pets are available in the market in a wide range and sizes that don’t contain additional weight. This will work best for your furry family member. People tend to test weighted comforter for their pets and end up buying for themselves too!

Helps relieve Tourette’s symptoms

Patients get fatigued and anxious when they undergo uncontrollable symptoms like tics and movements. They have a chance to get a sense of calm via heavy blankets. It helps them to improve their sleep and a sense of humor.

Fall asleep faster

Can you feel the pain when you leave everything for the bed at 10:00 PM, but your sleep is far away from your eyes, and you fall asleep at 4:00 AM? This routine wastes so much time and won’t let people adopt a habit of waking up in the early morning. The comfort of the quilt helps to sleep faster than usual.

Risks of weighted blankets

Sleeping with weighted medical blankets may put you under severe risk due to its size and weight. Following points must be kept in mind if you are using a weighted blanket:

  • Don’t use it for toddlers: Manufacturers strictly prohibit the use of blankets for toddlers under two years old. The use of blankets may increase the risk of suffocation for them. Consult it with your doctor if you’re choosing a miracle weighted blanket for your kid.
  • Unsuitable for people undergoing medical procedures: Weighted therapeutic blankets are unsuitable for people suffering from various diseases like
    Asthma – causing difficulty in their breathing, especially at night time.
    Sleep Apnea – causing disordered breathing during sleep
    Diabetic patients – diabetic patients who have open wounds or rashes should avoid weighted blankets so that conditions don’t get worse. But if you’re using that blankets according to your doctor’s suggestions, then you must consider the duration, size, and weight of the quilt.  
  • More expensive than traditional comforters: if you’re more conscious to price as compare to comfort then it may hit you hard because of the hefty price tag.
  • Could get too warm in summer: If you love to sleep with your loved one with the window open, then cover it with curtains on summer nights; otherwise it could leave you to a problematic scenario. Weighted blankets may get too toasty in summer that it could cause rashes on the skin.
  • Takes time to get used to: Therapeutic blankets are just like regular blankets that feel hard on the first night. But once a person gets used to it, he won’t find a more relaxing and soothing comforter than this. Weighted blankets at first use may cause you to wake up a few times at night.   

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